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Boarding Your Dog at Barkingham

We are professional “dog people”. We own, train, and breed our own line of Golden Retrievers, who live with us in our home. We decided to create Barkingham because Brevard County lacked a well-planned, full-service pet center for people like ourselves who really care about their pets and take the trouble to treat them as part of their family. We take the trust you put in us very seriously and have a staff dedicated to taking care of your family.

Day, Night, Overnight – We Are Here for You!

Our employees are on-site 15 hours a day, 7 days a week (holidays included), to care for pets. We have a resident manager who provides emergency monitoring of the facility so your pets are never alone while boarding with us, even overnight.

boston terrier smiling

Before Bringing Your Dog

Without exception, we require hard-copy proof, on your veterinarian’s letterhead (your last invoice will do), that your dog has up-to-date shots for Rabies, Bordatella (Kennel Cough), and Distemper-Parvo. We highly recommend the Canine Influenza (H3N2) as well, but it is not required.

These shots normally last for at least one year. We also require that you obtain these shots at least seven (7) days before your boarding appointment, in order that the shots (particularly Bordatella) be incubated before arrival. If there are any questions about shot requirements, it would be best for you to call us well in advance of arrival, to avoid complications upon check-in.

For cats, we require Rabies and feline upper respiratory vaccine and we suggest that your cat also have protection against Feline Leukemia. You may wish to check for your vet’s recommendations.

We also recommend that you keep a copy of these vaccinations with you when you travel with your pet.

Kennel Accommodations

All of the accommodations at Barkingham Palace are indoor, spacious, sparkling clean and fully climate controlled (air conditioned in summer and heated in winter). Our A/C units are run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our standard suites were built to ABKA specifications for size and air circulation make-up. In addition, every suite at Barkingham has a raised bed. Our standard suite construction includes epoxy sealants and porcelain tiles throughout. This allows us to keep Barkingham clean, healthy and odor-free, for you and your pet. As a full-service pet center, you can rest assured that your pets are being lovingly looked after while in our care. While with us, your pet won’t stay confined in a boarded room for a prolonged period of time. Your pet will be treated like family, played with, and taken outside to use the restroom.

Luxury Suites

All luxury suites have individual air conditioning supply ducts and return vents. We have three types of luxury suites at Barkingham.

Princess Suite

For the ultimate luxury for your precious pup, book our princess suite. The premium suite in the house sports a “doggie door” and affords your pet(s) a view of all of the happenings at Barkingham Palace.

King Suites

The king suites have a sliding “window wall” that overlooks the main hallway just off reception. The king suites are fully furnished for the total comfort of your pet and include a bed with mattress, tiled floor, thematic wall decorations, and a private TV. King suites can accommodate two to three guests comfortably (depending on size) from one family.

London Suites

The london suites are located in our expansion and sport a “doggie door” to a small, private exercise area.

Duchess Suites

Our four duchess suites have windows overlooking activities in the main hall.

black poodle shaking hands


We now have webcams installed in all of our 15 different luxury suites. These cameras allow owners to check in on their pets via the internet, while they are away. Actually, anyone can see these dogs and you can go look in on them in our CyberPet area unless they are asleep (when darkness does not allow us to see them).

boxer and friend on the playground

Daily Outings

We have a very large outside area (2+ acre property) for walking and exercising the dogs. Every dog is taken out, separately, a minimum of four (4) times each day to our fenced-in exercise fields, where they are normally out for about ten minutes on each trip. Additional play time is available, individually supervised, in blocks of 15 minutes.


Our daycare is an individual pet program, running from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM on weekdays. It includes two 20-minute sessions of Supervised Play and two five-minute sessions of exercise time.

Daycare dogs enjoy romping in one of our pools on a hot day! Royal care dogs are dropped off in the morning and picked up again in the evening. The charge for royal care is $22.00 per day, effective June 15, 2019. (Note: We do not house dogs in groups. Each dog is handled individually, unless specific arrangements have been made to include another family member or another dog staying with us.) Supervised play groups are formed from among our regular royal care members only after a dog has been “screened” for inclusion in a group.

mastiff with drooling face


We are active members of the American Boarding Kennel Association (PCSA), the American Kennel Club, the American Humane Society, the Golden Retriever Club of America and the Mid-Florida Golden Retriever Club.

Boarding Rates

For extra long stays, discount plans are available. The cost will depend on the number of days your dog boards with us. Our prices include the food (Diamond brand, beef and rice formula). Typical daily rates (effective June 15th, 2019) are shown in the chart below. Please call for specific quotes for your stay!

Dog or Suite Size Rate (off-season) $/dog per day
Small (less than 25lbs) $40.00
Medium (25 – 59lbs) $42.00
Large (60+ lbs) $44.00
Cats $30.00
Duchess Suite $55.00*
Duke Suite $60.00*
Queen Suite $61.00*
King Suite $65.00*
London Suite $65.00*
Princess Suite $130.00*

*Second dog stays in the same suite at its standard kennel rate, less 20%.

Note: Our suites are comfortable and are great for dogs that require a little quieter, more private environment. The queen suite is Barkingham Palace’s theme suite and overlooks our lobby.

Operating Policies

Pricing Details

  • Price changes are posted in advance, here and at the kennel, and are subject to change without notice other than here mentioned.
  • Daily rates are charged on a “Hotel Basis”, that is, you are charged for the day on which your pet is checked in, and you are not charged for the day on which your pet is checked out, subject to our standard check-in/out times.
  • Check-in time is normally between 12:00 PM and 5:00 PM Monday through Saturday. In addition, you may check-in or pick up your pet anytime the office is open, although you will be subject to early or late fees.
  • Please try to arrange to check-in well before the dinner meal time of 6:00 PM, since your pet will want to become acquainted with its surroundings before Barkingham closes for the night.
  • Check-out time is normally until 12:00 PM, and there is no charge for the day of check-out when this time limit is observed. If you stay past noon you will be subject to a late fee.
  • If you must overstay your reservation, please call ahead to let us know.

Our Sunday hours are between 4:00 and 6:00 PM only. You may pick up your pet(s) during these hours, but every pet(s) checking out on Sunday is charged as though it stayed through Sunday night, departing Monday morning. You may also drop off your pet(s) during Sunday business hours (come at 5 to avoid the rush!).

Our Location
4210 US Highway 1
Rockledge, FL

321-636-PETS (7387)

Hours Of Operation
Monday to Friday: 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Saturday: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Sunday: 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Visit Barkingham Palace Today