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Pet Grooming

Barkingham Palace offers grooming for your pets. Our experienced staff will send your pet home clean, trimmed, and happy. We space appointments out so your pet needn’t spend a long time waiting, only to have to stay here for the whole day. Instead, you will meet your groomer when you arrive, and you will get the chance to describe to her exactly how you want the cut to look. Our complete grooms are normally finished within four to five hours.

Or you may only need (or choose) a simple bath we are a great doggie daycare. Our baths include a nail trim, a thorough cleaning of the ears, wash, blow-dry, and (for small dogs) an expression of the anal scent glands.

Finally, even if your pet has to stay the day (because you want it that way) you can be sure that he or she will be properly cared for at Barkingham!

Our Grooming Facilities

Unlike other facilities, we have a very large outside area (2+ acre property) for walking and exercising the dogs. Every dog is taken out, separately, a minimum of four (4) times each day to our fenced-in exercise fields, where they are normally out for about ten minutes on each trip. In other words, our guests are not expected to potty where they eat and sleep. Additional play time is available, individually supervised, in blocks of 15 minutes.

Our Well-Groomed Receptionist!
Our Raised Tubs
Grooming Room
Our Regular "Mikko" and His Groomer, Pam
Always Look Your Best

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